Improving peoples’ lives through useful and usable technology. My research background is in human-computer interaction, with specific focuses on interactive machine learning and end-user software engineering. I enjoy studying how (and why) people perform specific tasks, pairing these observations with predictive theories, and using the results to inform and refine designs.


Design Researcher at Microsoft


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Journal articles

Refereed conference papers

Grad consortia, workshops, and Notes

Invited Talks

  • Invited presentation, DUB Group at University of Washington. Seattle, WA. Aug. 2013.


  • Research intern, Microsoft Research. Redmond, WA. June 2013 – Sept. 2013.

Open-Source Projects

  • Hola, a dead-simple, pure-Java implementation of mDNS Service Discovery.
  • Archivo, a Java app for archiving recordings from a TiVo to your computer (video demo).
  • TivoLibre, a Java app and library for decoding TiVo files to standard MPEGs.
  • IML Playground, source code (C#/.NET 4.5) for exploring interactive machine learning systems (video demo).
  • QuickTuring, an efficient Java implementation of Qualcomm’s Turing stream cipher.