iOS 5.1 disabled iMessage

Not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but it looks like yesterday’s iOS 5.1 update turned off iMessage support, at least on my AT&T iPhone 4. A quick trip to Settings→Messages→iMessage was all that it took to get iMessages working again (they had somehow been turned off during the update).

Anyway, just posting in case someone else is trying to figure out why their iPhone suddenly stopped receiving iMessages.

8 thoughts on “iOS 5.1 disabled iMessage

    • The same problem in Europe. iMessage is not working ( I cannot send an iMessage) with iOS 5.1 on iPhone 4S even after full re-installation of the software.

  1. same thing happed to me – was working fine last night, but after all i devices were updated – my ipod can no longer receive imessages from husbands iphone. i have tried everything including the magic dns, but nothing is working.

  2. 这个问题也同样发生在我身上,我试尽各种办法(reinstall, UDF mode, switched off…..)怎么都没用。实在不明白到底发生了什么。

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